Why use video for Facebook

Video is only becoming more and more popular on Facebook. It’s a great way to communicate with your audience in the audio visual style they are already used to seeing on TV. There’s a good  reason people prefer watching TV to listening to the radio; that combination of moving images and sound that engages the audience, and still provides, by far and away,  the best medium for content retention. People find it far easier to remember something they’ve seen in a video, over any other form of static content.

Remarketing opportunities; Facebook allows the creation of custom and lookalike audiences based on views of your video. This means we are able to send a second message to people who have already seen the initial video, further improving the impact of the advert. We then grow this audience using the lookalike tool, reaching new prospects throughout the whole campaign.  

Custom videos showcasing your brand message are yours to keep forever. You own all of the audio visual copyright, enabling you to freely share it across social media channels as well as displaying it on your own website.

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